Anno Domini BNW

Anno Domini Cities in Development

Anno Domini: Brave New World: Cities in Development edition is a full conversion mod for Civilization V. Set in the ancient world, it has a unique tech tree with buildings, wonders and units to fit the theme. 104 ancient civilizations are featured in the mod, all with their own unique abilities.

For a brief look at what the mod contains, click the “Brief overview” tab. The other tabs are self-explanatory and contain more detailed information about the different elements you will find in the Anno Domini world.

The download is completely free of charge, but you must already own Civilization V, both expansions and all the DLC (except for the map packs, which are optional).

Latest version: 25          Uploaded: 12th July 2016

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Instructions on how to add Anno Domini to your Mods folder and what to select on the main menu when playing.
1. Download and extract the folder to anywhere on your hard drive.
2. The main Anno Domini Version 25 folder is NOT to be transferred across anywhere; it’s the contents you need to transfer.
3. Transfer the folders inside the main download folder into your Documents/My Games/Sid Meier’s Civilization V/Mods/ folder.
4. Load up Civilization V and click on Mods. You’ll see a number of options available now. The one you HAVE to select are the Anno Domini  base files, the Anno Domini art files and the Anno Domini Cities in Development files. These contain the base game and the required art. You MUST select at least one of the civilization packs.
5. Select as many of the other folders as you like. Each has a number of civilizations in it grouped by type, e.g. Greek civilizations.

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